2016-2017 Mini-Grant Recipients

Each year, AEF provides mini-grants to teachers to enhance our students’ learning opportunities. Teachers submit ideas and budgets, and grants are awarded on a competitive basis. For 2016-2017, AEF provided $29,073 to 45 teachers across all 10 schools in the district.

Arcadia High School

(1) Kyle Blotzer / Collaboration Games / $1,003: To purchase equipment to integrate collaborative games in his Fit for Life physical education classes which typically serve 45-50 students per class each semester. Small groups of students will be able to rotate through each activity station.

(2) Margo Butera / Slaughterhouse Five, Find It at the Library! / $984: To purchase two class sets of library-bound copies.  The books will serve at least 324 students per year, with use extending into the future years indefinitely.

(3) Neda Kuso / Click It Hot and Squeeze It Cold / $309: To purchase a class set of instant reusable hot packs and instant ice packs for her chemistry classes during their discussion of thermodynamics.  The packs will serve around 180 students per year, and the hot packs are reusable in future years.

(4) Frank Nunez / Wireless Audio Upgrades / $1,001: To purchase two new transmitters and two new boom microphone poles and associated accessories to enhance the Television Production program.  This will contribute toward the goal of expanding the number of actors that can be in studio productions.

(5) Christopher Saucedo / pH Probes for Connecting Physical Science to Environmental Science and the NGSS / $270: To replace old broken Vernier pH probes with newer models that are Chromebook and Go!Link compatible. These probes will quickly and efficiently collect data in experiments where pH is a driving factor.

(6) Neda Kuso, Barbara Young, Cherryl Mynster, Mauricio Eguez, Yumiko Goto / Using Technology to Enhance Analytical Science with Chromebooks / $2,164: To purchase 8 Lab Quest2 interfaces to operate measurement equipment such as spectrophotometers, thermometers, pH meter probes, speedometers, and motion sensors with Chromebooks.  Both chemistry and physics classes will benefit.

First Ave Middle School

(7) Anddie Chen / The Giga Bubble / $192: To purchase supplies for a math project where the objective is to make the longest soap bubble.  The project allows 7th grade students to apply key concepts such as ratios and proportions, algebraic equations, graphics and 2D and 3D geometry and promotes skills in collaboration, writing, researching, and communication.  The grant supports six math classes with more than 170 students.

(8) Mark Gould / Aquaponics: The Future of Farming / $881: To purchase an aquaponic grow tower to complement students’ study of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, ecology, and the nitrogen cycle.  Six periods of 7th grade science students will benefit, and the tower can easily be wheeled into other classrooms as well.

(9) Michael Mora / 3D Printing in the Classroom / $509: To purchase a low-cost 3D printer to allow students to create digital models and print them.  The equipment will be used in both Science 8 and Creative Engineering classes.

(10) Mark Gould, Melody Isabela, Ritchie Rash, John Choi, Michael Mora / NGSS: Probing Into Hands-On Science / $4751: To purchase two class sets of Go!Link probes (24 total) and sensors for the First Ave Science Department.  The equipment will allow students to collect data for various experiments including CO2, O2, Dissolved O2, pH, Relative Humidity, and Temperature and will benefit students across all the grade levels at the middle school — 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Dana Middle School

(11) Janna Sanchez / Student Study Materials for FBLA Competitions / $300: To purchase a variety of used books to assist middle school students in preparing for the Future Business Leaders of America club sectional and state competitions.

(12) Paul Kelly, Elyse Hamblen / 3D Router / $1995: To purchase a benchtop CNC router capable of engraving, 2D cutting, and 3D carving. The equipment will be primarily used by 8th grade students, but will also be relevant to 6th and 7th grade students as well.

Foothills Middle School

(13) Heather Sark / High Lexile and High Interest Books for Classroom Library Expansion / $450: To purchase books for her classroom library that expand the variety of subjects and Lexile levels from the current inventory.  Because this is a classroom library, students will be able to check these books out for a longer period of time than the school library.  The number of students impacted will be roughly 50 students per year, for several years.

Camino Grove Elementary School

(14) Sharon Pasqua / Reading Skills Activity Centers / $98: To purchase skill building center which correspond to Kindergarten Common Core standards for language arts. Students will be able to access to focused, independent practice in the areas of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Rhyming, Vowels, and Blends/Digraphs.

Baldwin Stocker Elementary School

(15) Grace Lee-Navarrette, Jenny Tran-Fuerte, Cristi Oster, Henley Chu / Hey Google, Can You… / $615: To purchase a Google Home standalone appliance to foster interest in education for students at all academic levels in language arts, social studies, geography, math and science through the verbal-linguistic portion of the brain. This grant is going to the 4th grade team at Baldwin Stocker.

(16) Tim Rhee, Erica Hecht / The Missing Link: Projecting in ELD and Intervention / $688: To purchase a document camera to be placed on a mobile multimedia cart. The ELD class is split into three small groups being run concurrently in the same room, and the intervention class is run by two teachers in other small rooms on campus.  The district has already provided other multimedia elements for the cart, and the document camera is the final need for the portable projection cart.

(17) Tim Rhee / RAZ-Kids Reading / $95: To purchase a license to RAZ-Kids which, in conjunction with his existing license to A-Z Reader, will permit access to RAZ-Plus and allow him to register 36 students to access all the leveled reading digitally on mobile devices.  This license will help intervention students in grades K-1 to develop a strong foundation for literacy.

Holly Ave Elementary School

(18) Marti Duyshart / Kinder Traveling Literacy Bags / $107: To purchase guided reading books and other items to include in literacy bags for her Kindergarten students.  Literacy bags are packs which contain guided fiction and nonfiction reading books as well as other activities that support and extend learning.  These supplies will benefit both Kindergarten students this year and 1st grade students in future years.

Longley Way Elementary School

(19) Sandy Burch / Fun With Fractions / $325: To purchase items to create a hands-on math unit that support students’ understanding of fractions.  The items will allow students to visualize fractional relationships and equivalencies.

(20) Stephanie Blank, Nikki Montoya / Interactive and Multi-Sensory Literacy Materials / $1,336: To purchase reading materials that are both appropriate and motivating for the students in the special education classes. Students will be able to use manipulatives to feel the characters and pictures of the book, hear songs and play music that corresponds with the story, and see visual aids that allow for alternative answering methods when communication and language skills may pose challenges to participation.

All 6 Elementary Schools English Language Development

(21) Scot Harvey, Erica Hecht, Kim LaBella, Sandy Macintosh, Wendy Renfrew, Mark Renfrew / Green Power: Read and Write in a Paperless World / $6,000: To purchase two Chrome extensions (“RAZ-Kids” and “Read and Write”) at each school site.  Key features of “Read and Write” include text-to-speech, vocabulary definitions via text, and image-based dictionaries.  Students can hear passages or documents read aloud and highlight key evidence on virtually any PDF, Google Doc, or Word Document.  They can also hear text translated into their primary language and many more features.  Similarly, RAZ-Kids is highly engaging Chrome App that offers a plethora of interactive, leveled books encompassing a wide variety of genre and includes built-in quizzes to endure students are reading at their appropriate level.

All 10 School Libraries

(22) Margo Butera, Cheryl Tarsala, Donna Noda, Lisa Lucas, Kathryn Judson, Karen Shepherd, Kris Johnson, Sandra Rider, Jan Brown, Carol Swanson / Keep Reading First! / $5,000: To purchase non-fiction print books and e-books to support common core standards as well as increase graphic novel collections to encourage students to get comfortable with the library. Graphic novels also support English Language Learners, special education students, and students working on basic reading proficiency.

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